The Quick-Silver Snow Plow


 The never rust all stainless steel blade will always have a smooth slick surface for optimum snow rolling capability. You will plow more snow faster! This is the only blade in the industry that is made entirely of 304 stainless steel... even the rear plow ribs and horizontal bracing are stainless steel. This low maintenance blade will never need painting.

With Exclusive Quick-Latch Mounting System

Fast, automatic plow connection.

The Quick Latch® system is a simple mechanical locking mechanism that when engaged, automatically locks the plow on the truck in just a few seconds. It is one of the best plow mounting systems on the market today. The plow installs itself automatically as you drive in. It is an Air-Flo patent pending exclusive feature.

Stainless steel used throughout plow construction.

Stainless steel is also used in several key operational areas to keep user maintenance low. The hitch receiver rollers, cam lock rod, jack stand and jack stand pivot are all constructed of stainless steel.

The single-point electric harness system makes connecting the electrical system a snap, as there is only one harness to connect. It also incorporates an automatic light feature which connects the plow lights anytime the truck lights are on.

Quick-Stick™ gives you control in the palm of your hand!

To be able to control the plow, you will need to have all of the plow's control, right in the palm of your hand, and that's just what the Quick-Stick™ controller gives you! An ergonomically-designed stick control lets you easily move the plow with a simple move of your thumb.

Dual Chain lift adds additional safety.

The Dual Chain lift is an added safety feature and will enable the blade to float when plowing on an uneven surface. The dual chain also allows the operator to stack snow higher.

Center-mounted shock absorber minimizes forces on plow, truck and operator.

The Quick-Flo™ state of the art hydraulic system incorporates all of the best features into one compact hitch mounted unit. The efficient design ensures a low amperage draw.



  • Stainless steel blade model features the industry's only all 304 stainless steel blade.
  • Carbon steel blade model has silver powdercoat finish that resists wear and corrosion
  • Quick-Latch® system allows fast and automatic plow connection – an Air-Flo exclusive
  • Quick-Stick™ hand grip controller puts all blade functions right in operator’s palm
  • Quick-Flo™ hydraulic system is simple and trouble-free, with minimal amperage draw
  • Single-point-connection wiring harness for both hydraulic and lighting systems automatically enables plow lights when truck lights are on – no more switching between lights
  • Center-mounted shock absorber minimizes forces on plow, truck and operator

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