ProCom MultiPurpose Body


Unique Uni-Body construction with center conveyor design makes this body a true workhorse. Light weight yet strong, the Pro-Com® can handle a variety of tasks - from hailing aggregates to spreading ice control material to road repair. The Pro-Com® is the best multi-purpose body for any job!

Flat floor design keeps center of gravity low for safe stable loads

30” wide conveyor with double bar flight chain ensures smooth and even distribution of any ice control material.

Uni-body design eliminates crossmembers

Trapezoidal longitudinals enable a lower center of gravity and eliminates cross members. The sleek Pro-Com® combines great looks and great strength with low maintenance to perform for years.



  • Now available! The original center conveyor dump body for the light duty chassis series.
  • Manufactured of 304 Stainless Steel the Pro-Com® combination body will ensure  long life and low maintenance
  • Modern design with uni-body construction eliminates crossmembers. A low mount hoist with flat floor design ensures a lower center of gravity for a safer more stable load.
  • Allows for quick and efficient maintenance operations without the labor and time involved with traditional equipment. A single unit can be used for: a dump body, spreading ice control material, cold or hot mix patching, mulch and top soil work. The uses of the Pro-Com® are virtually endless.

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