The UNI-BODY has taken the same rugged design principles as our original Flo’N Dump, added a state-of-the-art crossmemberless floor with trapezoidal longitudinals, and has created the next  generation of multi-purpose dump bodies. Designed not only to be a simple, strong and versatile unit, the crossmemberless floor lowers the overall weight and reduces maintenance requirements. 

Unique construction with a crossmemberless AR-400 floor and an integrated center conveyor provides strength, safety, stability and versatility.

The UNI-BODY is first and foremost a heavy duty dump body. Incorporated into the design is a 34” wide center mounted conveyor with trapezoidal longitudinals that allows the movement of ice control materials to the rear through the tailgate or to the front through a chassis frame chute. The UNI-BODY is ready to be used as a dump body or an ice control spreader, at a moments notice. When dangerous and icy winter conditions demand stability, the UNI-BODY allows you to spread loads safely, while the body remains down on the chassis.

The square body with flat floor design allows for increased hauling versatility and increased load carrying capacity.

The tremendous strength of the body combined with the flat floor design allows for hauling virtually any product or aggregate - like rip rap, barrels or pallets. The square design with the flat floor gives the UNI-BODY a 40% increase in load carrying capacity over bodies with rounded or spreader shaped designs, and when spreading, the lowest center of gravity of any multi-purpose dump body.

Optional front spread side discharge option allows for precise material application to the center of the road and under the drive wheels of the chassis.

With the front spread side discharge option, the body does not need additional hydraulic or mechanical systems to tip the body forward or to the side. This not only keeps the center of gravity low and the load balanced within the body, it also allows for the use of simple, conventional and efficient dump body and spreader hydraulic controls.



  • Safe and Stable: With a lower center of gravity and more even distribution of material while spreading as compared to a body that raises forward, rearward or to the side, allows for a safe and stable load on icy roads.
  • Simplicity: Because the body does not need additional hydraulic or mechanical systems to tip it forward or to the side, it can use simple, efficient, and conventional dump body and spreader hydraulics. This pays benefits in decreased upfit costs and maintenance requirements.
  • Strength: State-of-the-art crossmemberless 1/4” AR-400 floor and trapezoidal longitudinals combined with original Flo’N Dump® body design result in a massively strong multi-purpose dump body with very low maintenance requirements.
  • Versatility: The UNI-BODY is a very heavy duty  flat floor dump body with a center conveyor capable of transporting almost any object or material. The UNI-BODY can be used for conveying ice control material, cold or hot mix asphalt, shoulder repair material, or any other road repair aggregate. The UNI-BODY’s flat floor design provides significantly higher capacity than rounded bodies and V box designs of equal length and provides greater stability than bodies that need tip to the side, front and or back  in order to convey material.

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SPECIFICATIONS Flo 'N Dump Uni-Body All Stainless Steel

SPECIFICATIONS Flo 'N Dump Unibody Stainless Steel